README for maymap.

Maymap is a utility used by the SSA deveopment team during testing of the SSA 4 port adapter. As such it is not supported code but we felt it might be useful to someone somewhere.

The usage is shown below. I suggest that a good starting point is maymap -p -a

usage: maymap [[-d device]|[-a]] [-4] [-b B] [-t] [-i x] [-p] [-h] [-y]

{[-l] [-m|u|w|s|v|o|f]}

where: -d [device] is the Colonial adapter device driver name

Default: ssa0

-n [node] IPN Node Number override for the above

For support of old levels of host software

-a Display for all adapters; do not use with -d

-b [B] Display upto B boxes per row

Default: 4 (Range 2 to 16)

-3 Use nice test characters for boxes

Forced if 3.2.5 - Can be used to override -4 option

-4 Use plain test characters for boxes

(Interim fix for AIX 4.1) - Forced if 4.1

-t Display DASD map without titles

-l Switches maymap into `netlist` mode

-i Time Out Period in seconds for ioctl() calls.

Default: 20 (0=Off)

-p Display with PDisk numbers, also work with -l

(list) option.

-h Display with HDisk numbers, also work with -l

(list) option.

-y Highlights whether the device`s yellow light is on

or not.

Note: In a multi-way environment - an adapter cannot see

if a disk is flashing, if the disk was told to flash

by any other adapter, other than the adapter you are


The following only apply when -l is specified:

-s List only VPD Serial Numbers (to pipe into scripts)

-f List with drive type.

-u List with SSA UniqueID (ISALMgr SerialNumber)

-m List with Blockcount and Block Size (max.LBA+1)

-w List with ShrewLevel (Starfires Only)

-v List with Entire VPD

-o List with OMT Type

The following may be used together:

-lmuphfy Block Counts, UID with pdisk/hdisk numbers/drive type

-luophfy UID, OMT with pdisk/hdisk numbers,drive type and flash

-lwv Shrew Level with Entire VPD

You may remove options from the above, ie. -luo or -lmu

-s may be not used inconjunction with any other option.